About the Outdoor Expo

Welcome to your Outdoor Expo. Here, you’ll find information about our regional shows in the Southeast and Midwest, and our National Show in Nashville.

About Our Shows

At Big Rock Shows, you have the opportunity meet and network with manufacturing reps, other retailers and representatives from Big Rock Sports. They will all be there, ready to answer your questions and discuss the latest industry information and trends.

Find Your Show

Searching for a specific show? Let us guide you toward the Southeast, Midwest or Nashville Shows. If you’d like to Register for our shows or contact us, we can help you with that, too.

Highlights & News

Stay on top of the latest Expo happenings such as in-person demos and special events via our News section. Also, don’t forget about the Highlights like Hot Profit that you came to experience.

“I want to invite you to join me and the rest of the Big Rock Sports team for Big Rock’s 2019–2020 Outdoor Expos. The Outdoor Expo will feature the top-performing new products from industry-leading manufacturers, niche and unique categories, margin-driving deals and specials, new ideas and the right product mix for your retail operation. It is your best opportunity to find margin-boosting prices for the beginning of the year and to buy forward to set up your 2019–2020 season to be a winner.”

— Ed Small, CEO, Big Rock Sports, LLC

Show Highlights

Meet the Brands

Meet manufacturer representatives. They all come to the shows to get to know you better, so bring your questions and thoughts on the latest industry information and trends.

Hands-On Demos

Big Rock Sports representatives are ready to guide you through our many business-building tools and resources. You’ll also find demos from top vendors happening throughout each of our shows.

Customer Appreciation Event

At all of our shows, you can enjoy music, drinks, food and exclusive show floor specials during our Customer Appreciation Events.

Hot Profit

Of all our shows’ business-building events, Hot Profit is the granddaddy of them all. This is where we unveil amazing pricing on the products your store needs.

On-the-Floor Drinks and Bites

A hungry and thirsty retailer is not a happy retailer, so that’s why we keep the floor stocked with plenty of drinks and bites throughout each of our shows.

Network with Your Industry

Network with fellow retailers, whether they’re from the same town as you or from across the country. You might learn something that will greatly help your business.

Stay in Touch

Additional contact information:

Email: CustServ.help@BigRockSports.com
Phone: 252.808.3500
Toll-Free: 800.334.2661
Fax: 252.726.8352

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